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UX Audit

What are the benefits of a UX Audit?

If you know there’s pain or friction in your user experience, a review of your current UX can help create a short-term roadmap. Through a UX audit you’ll discover why conversions are low, how to enhance on-boarding, why retention may be low, or any other issue you’re currently experiencing. The ROI of user experience is clear, so auditing to find out where you’re deficient will pay dividends.

All of this results in empathy with your customer. You’ll have a more clear understanding of who is using your product, so there will be a fundamental shift in what you know about the people using your product once it’s all said and done.

After this audit you’ll be able to definitively say “We found this opportunity for improvement, so let’s use those learning when we redesign.”

Ongoing insights that help to bridge the gap between user experience and expectation

Our UX audit solution framework built to assess the efficacy of User Experience by qualitative and quantitative measurement of UX to share insights on how it can be optimized to deliver business results.

As a Continuous Measurement Program, we employ a customized UX research and testing practice to constantly measure UX performance over pre-defined time intervals to provide ongoing actionable insights to the design team.O

Our continuous performance improvement practice in quantifying the subjective nature of User Experience and providing rich data for informed design decision making.

At a broad level, we combine pre-and-post design research and testing tools to measure

  • descriptive metrics that tell what happened
  • perception metrics that focus on how customers’ perceived what happened
  • outcome metrics that describe what customers did or expect to do based on their perceptions
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