Impact App

If you are looking for a Media Research Company to help you make sense of the news that impacts your business reputation, whether in the complex Indian media environment or the World Wide Web, then you have reached the right place. Our Media Research and Media audit services offer you the Media intelligence that you may desire.

CLIENT: Impact Research & Measurement
APP LINK: This version not yet live


Medic Home app

Medic Home app gives freedom for patients to call Medics at their homes anytime. It's like Uber for Medics. Our client wanted something very easy to use for his customers and same time booking a Medic should be as easy as possible with minimum clicks.

We created Two-way apps, One for Customers and One for Medics. As soon the customer books a Medic, the Medic gets a request on his phone with payment confirmation and Patient Medical Record.

TYPE: Mobile App  |  SKILLS: UX  |  CLIENT: Get Heal  |  INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Mapbook app

Mapbook app can store your map or location in a totally personalized way with photos, notes and can share your map with anyone you like. You can add photos from camera to your maps and mapped location. If you like to add some notes related to map location you can do that by simply Add Note option.

CLIENT: Techalligator
App Link: Google Play Store

Web Photo App (Confidential)

Web Photo app is a Photo App for Web browsers, where our client wanted to havesimilar experience for users like you get in Picasa.

It requires a Zero Learning or any guide for immediate users and hence gives a much affordable Experience.

OUR SOLUTION: We created the app UX keeping in mind, what customers are use to and what kind of patterns they see in regular routine of photo editing. Including what major tasks they wanted to perform on frequent basis.

TYPE: Web App  |  SKILLS: UX, Wireframe, Research, Persona, Competitor Research  |  CLIENT: Confidential  |  INDUSTRY: Media


Travlly App

Travlly app can make your travel experience much personal and social atsame time. Just travel and take photographs and this app can map everything together to share with your friends and family.

CLIENT: Travlly
Link: Not yet Live


On Track Buddy App

The purpose of this app if to collect and track User health data. This App has Client and Backend Apps where specialists and user can interact wth each other.

OUR SOLUTION: As this App gets lots of data from both user and backend we developed context based interactions.

TYPE: Mobile App  |  SKILLS: UX, Research, Wireframe, Competitor Research  |  CLIENT: Confidential  |  INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Best of the Bump App

CelebratingPrgnancy - Stayconected with doctors. Maternity Deals & offers around you. India's 1st platform dedicated to products and services for expecting couples.

CLIENT: Best of the Bump
App Link:Google Play Store