This 16-Year-Old Schoolboy denied a Rs 42 Crore Offer for his website he designed in his free time inside his bedroom! – Usercible UX & CRO Consulting

So what have you achieved when you were in your mid 20’s?Mohammed Ali is one heck of a confident kid for his age. The 16-year-old recently rejected a £5 million offer for a website he designed ” ” in his bedroom! That’s over Rs. 42 crores he said no to!

Meet Mohammed Ali he is an expert and designed a website named “”. He just received an offer to sell his website in a £5 million offer. That’s close to Rs. 42 crores.

But he denied and denied for a good reason. He believes that it will be worth a lot in time to come. His family supported him despite they knew it would have made him a millionaire almost instantly.

So do you think it’s a pure luck?And it’s not the first time the genius boy has won something big. His video game ‘Project 2006’ previously earned him a £30,000 reward!

It’s not, it’s not the 1st time this genius boy has won something big. His previous video game ‘Project 2006’ earned him a £30,000 reward before.

When we tried to open his website we found it’s not live and here is the error screen.

Some sources said it will launch on January 28.

Best of luck boy!


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