UX Flowchart Kit

Usercible UX Flowchart Kit gives you freedom and ease to choose from 47 Low Fidelity Flowchart Screens in Lines, Light Solids and Solid Colors style for quick and easy Mobile Website / Mobile App and Website Wireframe or Flowchart & Structure Planning.

001 - UX Flowchart Kit by Usercible Design and UX Consulting

Its very important to plan any website or mobile app before starting with High Fidelity Designing or development. Usercible UX Flowchart Kit is a great way for Planning your next big project within minutes for professional website builders, designers and developers.

002 - UX Flowchart Kit by Usercible Design and UX Consulting

What you will get

  • 47 Low Fidelity Individual Artboards in Single Adobe XD File
  • Each element is handcrafted with precision based on grid and fully editable
  • All elements are properly organized
  • File Formats Provided – PNG 1x 2x 3x, PDF, EPS, JPG, SVG
  • PDF Preview File

Uses & Examples

  1. Use as a Mobile App Planner or build prototype within Adobe XD or choice of your software by importing your preferred file format
  2. Replace elements with images or text and convert into High Fidelity Prototype within Adobe XD
  3. Use as a QuickMobile Website Planner
  4. Use as a Website Sitemap Planner
  5. Use as a base Loader below your High Fidelity Designs
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