Smart Bucket

Product Concept, Research and Prototype by Ashok Mahiwal “Usercible”

In India majority of people do not have access to hot water during winters for bathing and other uses. Some uses Geyser which is not accessible for all and some go for a Emulsion Rods or uses Gas, Stove to get warm water.

Our idea was to design a product which appeals to mass while solving issues related to users of bucket and using emulsion rods. We came up with an concept to embed Heat coil inside a bucket which can be used to have warm water by just plugging it in wall plug while keeping it low cost and easy to use.

Value Proposition

Economic | Safer than traditional bucket Emulsion rods | Easy to operate | Longer life | Handy | Can be used as simple bucket


  • Outer body built out of Plastic Material
  • Inside body Aluminum
  • Emulsion base
  • Quick & simple Temperature controls on top of bucket
  • Easy connect with Power Cord
  • Safe to use
  • Hidden Electronic connections

How this works

Fill bucket with water > connect power cord > set temperature > It will auto disconnect and Beep once operation is complete

Smart Bucket Product Images

Smart Bucket Product Images by Usercible Design and UX Consulting

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