Happy Customer is Everything – Airline Self Check-in Kiosk UX Process

UX Case Study – Research and Design of a  Airport Kiosk Check-in by Userciblé Design and UX Consulting

The Airline wants to switch to self service Check-in kiosks to cut down the long queues and manpower. Facilitating passengers on self serve basis. The solution needs to be Simple,  Quick and should cater to needs of an international travel without any language boundaries.

On the top level the passenger should be able to Self check-in, Scan Passport, system should automatically prompt for secondary language based on Passport issuing country local language or offer option to change as per his/her preference, Change seats, and print boarding pass for both the domestic and international trip at a kiosk. Another feature is upgrading flights using a self servicing kiosk.

System Requirements based on User Expectations & Research

Feature requirement in percentage of user data & research

Motivation to use Kiosk over Traditional Methods

Proposed Solution to Top Pain Area’s

Demography / Language Barriers
Give language options to choose from & Show Language options Hints from Passport Nationality

Long Queues
Make the tasks easy and accomplish with in few steps

No need of any Employee as the Kiosk will work on self-service basis

Accessibility – Vision Problems, Color Blindness, Blindness

  • Use Colors recommended for Color Blind People
  • Make buttons large and make sure they look like buttons and clickable. Give feedback when clicked
  • Make use of Voice assistance of every action and in Noisy conditions also give HEADPHONE option to avoid Noise

Multiple Tasks

One option at a time, Simple navigation, Use Breadcrumbs and show Feedback with Status


Ask for the Passport number, E-ticket, Mobile etc. when performing Important tasks. Make sure

User Click on Exit after Tasks completion. A Foot Sensor can be installed so when a user walks out system can automatically close the session.

Passenger Journey & Emotions

Key balanced emotions which Airline wants to connect and relate with the Passengers when they visit one of their self servicing kiosk.

Passenger Interaction Flow – Top Level

User Touch Points & Interaction Main Screen


This project took around 1 month to complete and the development team has already implemented it in their kiosks. If you want to read this case study in more detail let us know.


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