Do More with Less – Impact Mobile App – UX/UI Redesign

The Challenge

We were provided a great opportunity to hone our visual design and UX process by redesigning a mobile app for Impact Research & Measurement to make it look modern with enhanced usability.

Analysis – the area needs improvement

The app is based on the needs of:
People who are busy and do not have enough time to monitor every news of their Company, Brand and Competitors.

  • Needs quick actions for their chosen news articles
  • Perform custom search to monitor past news and articles

Our Process

We spent good time with Impact Team who created old version of app and discussed what works and what’s not for their clients. They gave us interesting feedback taken from their clients and explained their vision for future changes.


After we had a clear understating of what are Impact and User goals, we listed key interactions and created few low-fidelity Wireframes.

Brand Visual Language and Style Guide

Languages are made up of different types of words that can be assembled together to create a message. Visual language is like any other language. The words of visual language can be grouped into color, space, shape and movement.

We created Visual guidelines based on Impact Brand Language and mixed with our new Visual Language to create a more clean and better usable design.

Icon Redesign

The Original icon of Impact App had a very old style for example Blurred background, Gradients and common arrow which doesn’t go well with new App redesign. The icon looked almost unnoticeable when compared to new apps in mobile app drawer. So definitely a change was needed most.

We made a new icon based on Research where we tried to show Analytics and Impact using Graphs and overall given it a Fresh modern Feel.

Splash Screen

While keeping the main context in design which is analytics and Impact, we designed a more modern Splash screen which also works as loader for initial database loading.


With a new modern approach to design while adding few usability options like Unmask Password option is given for user to see what he has entered for error correction.

In old design Forgot Password was not an option until you type a wrong password but often times Users do forget their passwords and to overcome that hassle we added forgot password link in new Login Screen.

Landing Page

The newly designed after login screen is where user lands after login and see his accounts associated.

Based on our new Color and UI design we clearly distinguished actions to be taken via highlight color and modern design.

Account Selection

When user select any account with our new design they get clear feedback as given color highlight and arrow syndication, where user is at present and what options are available for them.

Articles Feed

New article feed is combination of few changes like filter, sorting and notification icons are shifted to bottom with clear and modern look on feeds people are use to. User top screens shows what’s important and that’s News feed here.

We have removed checkbox for selection while using a gesture based approach where user can select any article by long press on their phone screens.

Main Summary Full View

We added a new Interaction for quick news summary, user can read few lines of any article without jumping to full article view.

It saves time and gives user ability to find if something is important they can jump upon and read in single screen.


Filters are added in lower screen to utilize User reach on phone screen while maintaining a Modern approach to UI.


For article selection we added gesture based selection while giving user a clear feedback using color and checkbox highlight. Once user selection is done there is syntax based action popup on top of navigation area.

UI & Prototype

After we finished with Low-fi and Mid-fi Wireframes we started the interactive Prototype with high-fidelity interfaces.

This project took around 2 months and Impact team is very happy with whole UX/UI Redesign process.

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