Create & share personal maps in seconds with Mapbook

The Challenge

Mapbook started as an idea of creating maps on mobile devices and share them with friends and family as quickly possible with add-ons like – Adding notes, Photos and sharing or embedding them via a QR Code.

To achieve all of this in seconds was a big challenge from User Experience perspective as the whole process should be fast and easy for people who are familiar with Google Maps or any other mobile map services.

Our Process

We started from User Research where we Interviewed people who use and share their locations frequently with other Apps like Google Maps, Whatsapp, Bing Maps, Apple Maps. We received a lot of interesting feedback and findings were as follows-

  • People wanted to share their location with quick messages.
  • People did not want to share their data and account information with Maps service provider like Google.
  • People wanted to add their location photos for a better experience.
  • People wanted to save their locations in their phone local storage than sharing on the cloud.
  • Some of them wanted to have a mechanism to embed their maps on their website, email signatures and print as stickers.

Design Process


Once user research was complete, we started with Wireframe inside Axure to clearly see and validate further with End-user and within the team of Mapbook Creators.

Brand Visual Language and Style Guide

Languages are made up of different types of words that can be assembled together to create a message. Visual language is like any other language. The words of visual language can be grouped into color, space, shape and movement.

We tried and tested few Visual Styles and based on customer feedback and acceptance we used new Visual Language to create a clean and better usable design for Mapbook App.

Mapbook App Icon Design

The Original concept of Mapbook App icon was to have a simple Location icon and after few concept sketches and feedback we came up with the icon which clearly indicates what this app is about. Here is a brief process with the final version of the icon.

User Onboarding Screens

These screens give the user an Introduction to Mapbook features and core functionalities. The user has an option to skip introduction and land directly on the main screen.

Inside App Screens

The Mapbook app consists of Main Home, Find Location, Map Location, My Mapbook Collection, Note Taking, QR Code Generation, Share with Contacts & SMS Validation screens.

End Results

Mapbook Personal Maps is now live on Android with an updated version where users can now also share their location with all Mobile App features on Web.

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