I had been in discussion with many startups & business owners and all they talk about is “let’s hire a UX designer” reason because it’s in trend. Without even knowing what role a UX designer play in a product development. On top of that, they call UX guys and ask them to show their portfolio of flashy designs.
These people are not a problem, but the term UX is quite misunderstood all the way.

Here in this post, I’ll explain to you why and when you need a UX or UI guy.

If you want to solve –

  • low conversion rate
  • a high bounce rate
  • less or no returning visitors
  • your competitors are earning good, but you are not
  • user frustration
  • high marketing expenses and low ROI

You need a UX guy and UX is more about solving problems. Hiring a UX consultant is always recommended from the beginning of your project else you will face all above issues in your product in later stages. The said problems arise when you are not clear of “What user wants”.A UXguy will guide you from beginning what is needed and how to do it.

You need a UI guy if you face these issues –

  • poor design as experienced and told by your users
  • unprofessional product presentation
  • your website look and feel doesn’t get along with latest trends

If UX and UI guys work together and follow the best practices, together they can create a useful product by achieving company business goals and fulfilling user needs.

If you are just planning to build an app or website hire a UX guy as soon as possible. He will help you choose best-proven methodologies to build a successful product.